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"Know your body, know your choices... Know your voice."

Class 1: Nutrition & The Macrobiotic Diet
Customized towards your own individualized needs (anemia/low-iron, pre-existing diabetes, etc.) Keeping pregnancy healthy through nutrition &  normal through exercise and movement.
Class 2: Birthing with the 5 Senses: 
Natural Pain Management and relaxation techniques. Labor prep, the benefits of natural childbirth, the importance of labor support, creating a birth plan, & the stages of labor.

Class 3: Baby Bearing to Baby Wearing: 
Routine Newborn procedures, breastfeeding, basic newborn care, kangaroo care, creating a support system for the new family.

Natural Family Planning Class: 
Gain a full understanding of how to tune into your body and understand what it is saying and how it works. Figure out your menstrual cycle and fertility. Learn how to successfully use the rhythm method through charting/journaling (Basal body temperature, cervical mucous)either to conceive, or as a natural alternative to prescribed birth control.
*For private consult, please e-mail directly:

**PLEASE NOTE: New rates as of 7/1/18 **
Private  Classes -$175 per class or package of 3 classes- $500
Birth Doula Services- $2,000 
*Experiencing Financial Hardship? Please contact me regarding my 
"Sliding Scale Fee" rates.
 **Package of Birth Doula Services + 3 private childbirth classes**
Postpartum Doula Services- 1 hr- $150, 2 hrs- $275, 3 hrs- $400, 5 hrs- $600
**Treat yourself to the "Total Care" package: 
3 private classes , birth doula services and 3 hours of postpartum care: 
Please contact me directly for pricing.**
Natural Family Planning Class-$175

Need a Birth Pool for your Home Birth?
I rent the Eco Birth Pool in a Box for $150.
Liner to be purchased separately here:

Not the birth pool you would like? 
Check out my colleagues full-service Birth Pool Rental

Its in the STARS...
Your baby is unique and special... and the exact time, date and year they are born tells a story of who they are, where they have been and the places they will go!

Gain insight into your child's personality with an Astrological Birth Chart prepared by Nubia Earth based on your child's birth date, time and location.  $75 for Written Chart 
(Birth Charts available for adults too... all ages!)
Peace and Blessings. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.   All those who know me personally know that I absolutely LOVE what I do.  My gift to you is sharing my knowledge and experience with women and families so that they can make informed decisions and feel empowered by their confidence in their ability to give birth.  Providing continuous, gentle support , labor & delivery, and immediately postpartum, and helping establish breastfeeding ASAP, is my goal and passion.

IT'S OFFICIAL: As of May 22nd, 2018 I received my 
Master's Degree in Midwifery

 Chocolate Milk Cafe!
A sacred space for breastfeeding support specifically to meet the needs of Women of Color.

For info, e-mail:
*For more info on Chocolate Milk Cafe 
visit the "About Us" section of this website

~The Art of Birthing~
A comprehensive, engaging and interactive series of 
FREE Birth Workshops, incorporating components of Art & Creativity, covering the following topics:
  • Pregnancy and Nutrition
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Birthing with all 5 senses
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • Making a Vision Board
  • Belly Mapping & Molding
  • Positions for labor
  • & More...

Workshops will be led by:
Nubia Earth MartinDana-Ain Davis 
Next series starts April 2019
E-mail Nubia or Dana for info & advanced registration

Birth from The Earth presents...
The Earth Groundz Series
Foundational Wisdom, steeped in the Wise Woman Tradition
Lecture Series & Classes will cover the following topics:
  • Vaginal Hygiene: To douche or not to douche? Kegel exercises. Benefits of Vaginal Steams & Rinses, Natural Remedies for fighting chronic/common vaginal infections.
  • Womb Wellness: Your menstrual cycle decoded, regulating your cycle, relieving painful cramps, eliminating excessive bleeding.
  • Natural Family Planning: Natural alternatives to prescribed birth control, understanding fertility, increasing & preserving healthy arousal.

For info and pricing e-mail Nubia at with "Earth Groundz" in the Subject Line

Do you have a passion for Pregnancy & Childbirth?
Is nurturing, comfort & support a part of who you are?

Then take part in my unique
Birth Companion Training

Course includes info on:
  • Understanding the physiology of the birth process
  •  Providing pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum support to women and families
  • In hospital and out-of-hospital birth setting support
  • Info. on the needs of diverse communities in birth
  • Assistance with locating 2 people to support, for the two births required for completion of the course
  • Resources for setting up a practical, independent business
  • Connections to fellow Birth Workers & Midwives
  • Continuous support & mentorship after course completion

The world needs more birth workers, and especially birth workers of color... if this calling is for you or someone you know, let's talk!
Ongoing Registration 
For pricing and info e-mail Nubia at *Postpartum Doula Course also offered!

are great ways to stay fit, active and healthy 
during your pregnancy!
Check out these prenatal yoga videos:

What will you do with your placenta once your baby has arrived??
Interested in encapsulating your placenta? 
I know 3 lovely ladies who provide this service.  E-mail me for their contact details.
Women who consume their placenta in various forms have reported increased energy and decreased postpartum blues/depression.

Have you considered cloth diapers for your little one??
Cloth diapers have come a long way over the years.  They are sustainable, eco-friendly, economical and kind to your baby's bottom!
out these brands:   TRYUS10 for 10% off your first order.

Keep your baby close to you in those first few months... and beyond!
Try a sling or wrap carrier.  I love these two:
Check these out too:

~Gem Stone Energy can be very beneficial and conducive to the birthing process.  Stick, Stone & Bone on Christopher Street in Lower Manhattan has a nice selection of gemstones to choose from:
If you would like a beautiful amulet or necklace to wear during your birth (and to have as a keepsake afterwards) visit my friends Heather & Jennifer's website :
 or contact them directly at:
~The Ki Energy Center offers a variety of wellness classes including meditation, acupressure and acupuncture-- without needles! Ask for Tony Rogers and mention that Nubia sent you for a discount on services offered:
~Wondering what to eat postpartum for you and baby? Visit: 
Get plant based nutrition & lifestyle guidance from 
Ebeth Johnson aka "Chef Ebeth"

 ~As women, we love to share our stories and experiences... both good and bad.  It is my goal to help women and their families to have positive, empowering birth experiences to pass on and share with the people in their lives.~
Thank you so much! We couldn't think of a soul better to help welcome Aloysius into the world then you.  You have raised the bar on doulas!
~Marielena G. (Mother of Aloysius)  June 2017

You have an incredibly relaxing  energy that radiates confidence and ease! We were blessed to have you as our doula.  Thank you so much! You're awesome!
-Andy B. (Father of Ronin)  April 2017

When I found Nubia online and emailed her a brief explanation of how my pregnancy had been going, she emailed me back a complete history of her career as a doula and the births of her own children. I knew I wanted to work with her from there, speaking to her over the phone was icing on the cake. She was amazingly informative, easy to get in touch with, and extremely reassuring during my times of concern. My partner and I couldn't have imagined going through labor without her. She came right away and kept me in the zone the entire 16 hour labor. Besides having a fairly easy pregnancy, Nubia made my pregnancy and birthing experience everything I needed it to be. We are very grateful to have found her when we did. 
-Kaleigh Z. (Mother of Zaire) January 2017

Nubia is a rare combination of wisdom, soul, kindness and humor.  Her techniques for physical support were above and beyond excellent, and her emotional support was immeasurable. Nubia was instrumental in  bringing about the childbirth my husband and I hoped for-- one free of medical intervention, and we got it!  She is a noble person, consummate professional and more importantly, a kindred soul.
-Daphne K. (Mother of Ariel) February 2014

Thank you so much for your love, support and encouragement during my labor and the birth of our son.  The peace of mind you provided for us was really invaluable and I can't imagine the birth experience without you.  You did an awesome job of making me feel empowered and helping me to achieve my birth wish (VBAC).
-Joy I. (Mother of Isaiah)  March 2014

Last night was so amazing! It wouldn't have been the same without you.  I felt very supported and strong.  Thank you.
-Mollie C. (Mother of Ajax)  February 2014

Nubia.  We are so thankful for you and all you did.  And we will forever be thankful and you will forever be a part of our wonderful blessing and experience,
-Gregory A.  (Father of Samuel)  November  2013

Dear Nubia,
Working with you was truly wonderful.  Thank you, thank you- For helping me bring this new spirit into the world. I sincerely could not have done this without you!  You were at once a rock, motivational speaker, a warm energy and a masseuse.  Thank you doesn't seem fitting to express my gratitude.  You are amazing! Lots of love.
-Elizabeth J. (Mother of Cayenne Victoria) July 2011

As soon as I brought Nubia to my hospital tour I knew I had made the right decision of making her my doula. She made sure right away the hospital staff knew my birth plan and were not going to stray too far from it. During my pregnancy Nubia helped me prepare for labor. She calmed most of my fears of giving natural birth and helped me to realize my body was designed for it and I could do it. She helped prepare my body as well by teaching me the great effects of exercise, evening primrose oil, and red rasberry leaf tea in the last weeks of pregnancy.
I went into labor with my son on August 3rd, early in the morning. When I got up it was 9am and I called Nubia and she jumped right into action. Although at first I was extremely overwhelmed, as soon as she got in the car I felt at ease. Nubia guided me through my contractions with breathing techniques, imagery, and swaying until I felt empowered by the pain and knew it just meant it was almost time to hold my baby in my arms. Nubia stayed with me during my whole labor (which I couldn't believe, and couldn't thank her enough for, seeing how I was in labor for over 24 hours).  Nubia stayed until after I breastfed for the first time. With my daughter, who's now 3, I had a c-section; I feel that Nubia's encouragement and wonderful job as a doula made it possible for me to have a natural VBAC with my son.
-Madelinea G., (Mother of Alyssa and Anthony)
  August 2010

Like finding a doctor, choosing labor support can be extremely challenging. You want expertise and experience, yet you also want someone with a deep sense of calm. Unlike the search for doctors, your labor support choices are not limited by insurance making the selection process all the more difficult.
So to all my expectant mothers out there, consider this letter as an offering of peace and ease from me to you. With the long list of preparations that you are undoubtedly making, this is my humble attempt to lighten your load and support you through this process. Consider it a gift from me to you. This gift has a name: Nubia.
My husband and I were having our second child.  We already had the Doula conversation and decided we wanted to start looking for Doula support for the birth of our second child. I met Nubia at Wave Hill Park in Riverdale with my Daughter Ella.  We instantly hit it off and Ella adored her. She handed me her card and told me she was a Doula herself.  It was serendipitous.  Nubia had such a stillness and peace about her I knew instantly I had met our Doula.  I returned home very excited to tell my husband about Nubia.  Nubia came to our home to meet with us and discuss our birth plan.  I could instantly feel her deep sense of service and her commitment to supporting my husband and I through our experience.
I scheduled an appointment for Nubia to meet my doctor. My doctor was thoroughly impressed by her. Nubia was always available to discuss my birth plan, answer questions and just calm my nerves. The last of which was no small task given the fact that our baby was born a full two weeks late.
When the day arrived Nubia was at the hospital with us for the entire experience. Labor lasted for over twelve hours. Nubia was magical. She knew when to support and when to back off. She always knew what to say. Her suggestions served as source of strength and calm. Her presence, her very essence was more soothing than I can possibly describe. At 11:49pm on July 4th our daughter Maya was born.
Throughout my pregnancy I had a list things to be thankful for. Nubia is a crucial part of that list. I am overflowing with gratitude.
I truly wish everyone a wonderful birth experience.  Inviting Nubia to support you is a brilliant step in that direction.
 -Jodi H. (Mother of Ella and Maya) July 2010

Nubia, you rock! You are amazing and we love you!!
-Tyrone H. (Father of Ella and Maya)  July 2010

~ Library
I have a wide range of books on Pregnancy, Nutrition,Childbirth, Midwifery, Breastfeeding that I would like to make available to anyone interested.  Please send me an e-mail if you would like a copy of the list.
Check out myFacebook Group: Birth from The Earth and join to participate in group discussions and get great information and resources on pregnancy & childbirth:

Looking for a homebirth midwife? 

Know a soon-to-be mom who needs a Doula but may not be able to afford one? Have her contact Ekua Ansah-Samuels at Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership 212-665-2600 ext 323

Other Sites I like:

Peace & Many Blessings,
Nubia at Birth from The Earth
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